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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Missing Link in Business to Business Ask

Our chapter does an amazing job with the sales manager moment and this is especially true of our Business to Business professionals.  However, week in and week out, I listen to the asks and they are constantly missing a key component and that is a specific person.  People will ask for the CEO of an ABC company in Concord, MA, but they never take the final step of asking for that person in name. Business to Business people have it so easy because they can Google this person and find the name.   Let me demonstrate why this is so important.

When people are at church, watching their children’s sports games, or enjoying recreation the last thing they want to talk about is work! However, when you are leveraging a ground level social network you need to get specific to be terrific.  John is good friend of mine and we belong to a sportsman club in Concord and we would see each other every other Thursday for dinner and it was a year after meeting him that I found out that he was the CEO of a very successful local company.  He would always say that the club was his escape from work.  Well one Wednesday morning a Comcast provider in our chapter stood up and said I want a personal introduction to John CEO of said company in Concord and that would be a great referral for me.  Later in the meeting when it came to the “I Have” section I was excited to stand up to say that the Comcast guy should see me after the meeting because I had a potential referral for him.

I feel very strongly that this type of response would happen more often if people did their home work and got real specific with their asks.  BNI can generate a lot of money, but any successful person will tell you that they have worked for everything they have.  Well being successful at BNI takes some work, but with the right attitude and approach you can have success.

Tom Matthews

Residential Realtor

Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty



The Meeting Starts at 7am

The BNI meeting starts at 7am and I am going to be reference the Referral Confidence Curve (RCC) to demonstrate the importance of being on time.  If you go back to your MSP the RCC is a visual demonstration that shows the more you participate in BNI activities the quicker you gain confidence in your chapter. Continue Reading

Contact BNI Concord:
Paul Indelicato    President

Meeting Location and Time:
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Trinitarian Congregational Church
54 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742

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