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Monthly Archives: October 2013

More People Fear Public Speaking than Death!

This is a known fact that many people fear public speaking to the point that they avoid all activities that involve speaking in front of people. I am no stranger to this feeling as I was so nervous the first time I went to BNI that I was sweating like crazy, and when my first 10 minute came upon me I finished it in 3 minutes! But you know what? It was ok that I was nervous and no one felt any less of me, but rather they we’re excited that I got outside my comfort zone and tried. That is the key to becoming a public speaker is to just try.

BNI offers education to facilitate your public speaking and you have a community of people you know, like, and trust to speak to. You may be reading this wondering what the benefit to you is for being a better public speaker. Well let me know tell you how it helped me.

I am a residential Realtor and my job is dependent upon me conveying confidence while sitting across the table from strangers. I have found over the years that as I became more comfortable talking to my 40 BNI members that I became more comfortable talking to strangers across the table from me. My BNI skills had a direct impact on my work place and has helped me more than triple my personal income. It is very common these days for people to say that they hired me because they felt comfortable that I would handle their sale and give their family peace of mind.

So if you have been thinking about BNI, but the public speaking portion is holding you back then know you are not alone. Come to a meeting and get outside your comfort zone. See you next Wednesday.

Tom Matthews

Residential Realtor

Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

How Can I Help You Grow Your Business?

This is my favorite line to use in a 1-2-1 after the initial period of chatter in the meeting.  I like to ask this question and often times people respond by saying wow what a great question! Think about how that would make you feel if the business person across from you asked “How CanContinue Reading

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