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Monthly Archives: March 2014

How to effectively sell yourself, your company , your product without being a “salesmen?”

This is a great question that was presented to me recently and is the topic for this week’s post. We recently watched a TED-Talk at our BNI meeting and it was about “Why” you are in business and not “What” you do for business. Too often people spend time telling others what they do for business and they spend zero to no time on their passion for their industry. If you take the time to share with your consumers why you get up in the morning then they will see that passion and want to support you. Selling is about building a bond of trust and having people confidently hire or refer you.

My best example of promoting the “Why” is using myself as an example. I am a Residential Realtor and essentially my life boils down to helping folks buy and sell homes. There are over 100,000 people in the state of Massachusetts that can perform this simple task, but that is not why people hire me. It is because I talk about my “Why” not the “What” that I do. I get up in the morning because I love to learn! In order to keep room in my brain and to stay fresh I also love to teach. As a Residential Realtor I get to learn everyday about different homes and then different techniques to help my clients. I also get to teach my buyers and my sellers about the process of buying and selling homes. This passion that I describe to people allows me to promote myself, my company, and my service without being a salesman. Once people see that the love is there, they then buy into it, and can confidently hire and refer me and my team.

We all need to make money to provide for ourselves and our families, but money can not be your “Why!” It is a byproduct of your passion and the more you focus on your passion the more people will follow you and support your business. I am constantly talking to my sphere about business, but rarely is it about the “what” of my business and that is how I have have been able to effectively sell my services. I hope this technique works for other.

Tom Matthews
of The Tom and Joanne Team

How to create Work/ Family Balance

I recently asked my team what business topics they wanted to learn about and the work/family balance came up. The question was how to create a successful business and have a great home life too. I am not proclaiming to have all the answers, but will be happy to share what has worked for me.Continue Reading

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