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Monthly Archives: June 2014

How to Invite a Visitor to your Chapter

We know the value of inviting a visitor, but how do we approach people. I am going to list off some things that I have done in the past and if these practices are adopted by 30 people the success rate would be amazing.

1. Look to your existing book of business and see who you are currently working with and ask if they are willing to make to new relationships and get more business? If they say no, ask if they could refer you to someone in their field that might be open to growing their practice. It is direct, but powerful and really works.

2. When at Chamber, Rotary, Kiwanis, and other networking settings ask people if they have interest in being part of a strong business networking sessions. Share what you love about your chapter and ask them to come as your guest.

3. When at Church, PTO, and your kids soccer games if you strike up a conversation and business comes up ask the people how they get clients? Would they be interested in getting more clients? Invite them as your guest to your meeting.

4. Periodically make a post on Linked IN, Facebook, and Twitter to invite your sphere to come to your meeting as your guest. Put out to the world that the chapter in Concord, MA is looking for an Estate Attorney. You will be surprised with the results.

5. There are form letters on BNI that you can down load and import into an email to send out to prospects. Ask them to come as your guest to the meeting.

6. My favorite is use the form letter from and create a mail merge on your letter head that you mail out to local business owners inviting them to your meeting. Using your personal letter head allows your business to get in front of more potential prospects and you might get a visitor. The other way to make this very effective is to team up with 3-5 of your BNI buddies and all send letters to the same list. Usually a prospect will throw the first letter in the trash, but when they get 3-5 they think that this must be something special and I better show up before someone else takes the seat. The team gets credit for a collaborative effort to grow the chapter.

The magic in BNI happens at 40 members so I hope these techniques will help you and your chapter grow!

Tom Matthews
Gibson Sotheby’s Realty

The Value of inviting Visitors to BNI

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