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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Turning Pink Slips into Pay Checks

The title of this post can have the tendency to make people a little nervous because outside of the BNI world Pink Slips have a negative connotation. However, in our world, we know that Pink Slips mean that a referral has been generated and passed to a member in our chapter. This title was from a podcast I listened to years ago and I wanted to share with out current members. I want to offer a teaching moment to help you turn those slips into pay checks and make more money through your participation in BNI.

My first and most important piece of advice is to not submit pink slips into the basket if they are less than a 4 on the scale of seriousness. Rather what you should do is notify a member in your chapter that you passed their contact info along, but at this time it is in the lead stage. Ask them member to write down the potential lead’s contact into and if that person reaches out then at that time the member will enter the referral (pink slip) into the chapter. I know that your sitting their thinking that you need the slips for your chapter PALMS report, but my advice is for the benefit of your wallet not your stats. If you continue to drop leads into the basket you will be known as the member that passes leads and you will get what you give!

I only pass about 25-35 referrals per year, but I am normally thanked for $50,000 to $100,000 of bucks. The reason this is so important is because when a White Slip is given to a BNI member they immediately go back to their office and they follow up on that referrals. When they get the person on the phone what they want to hear is: “Thank you for calling, I have been expecting your phone call!.” Versus passing a lead that is not ready for the call or telling the member that you gave their name out, but the people are not ready for the call. That can leave the member feeling let down.

If you are known as the member in your chapter that drops hot referrals then the people you are helping are going to want to work really hard to make sure that they can get you Hot Referrals. You will develop a system that will turn Pink Slips into Pay Checks.

Tom Matthews

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