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Anatomy of the Sales Manager Moment

Last week I covered the purpose of the sales manager moment and as a recap that purpose is to educate your sales team on what you do. We are not here to spend 45-60 seconds selling every week. If people know you, like you, and trust you they will do business with you and refer you business.

The sales manager moment has 5 parts and it is really important that you take the time to prepare your moment before the meeting. I assure you if you write out the moment with the 5 parts you have done more than 95% of the people in the room, and if you consistently deliver a strong message you will begin to get the business you want.

The Five Parts:

1. The Intro- Name, Business, Profession (keep it short) This should be same every week.

2. The LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)- What one item of your business to highlight this week.

3. The Body/Story- Facts tell and Stories Sell!

4. The Ask- Repeat the LCD and ask for what you want.

5. The Close- Name, Business, Tagline- This should be the same every week.

We meet 52 times a year so be specific to be terrific. You do not have to tell people everything you off in one 60 second moment.

Example Sales Manager Moment:

1. Intro – Hello, I am Tom Matthews, of the Tom and Joanne Team with Sotheby’s, I am a Residential Realtor

2. The LCD- This week I am looking for Expired Listings which is a home seller who failed to sell their home over last 6 months in Concord, MA.

3. Story- Jim and Bonnie called us to help them sell their home in West Concord which was on the market 180 days. We looked at their MLS listing and they only had 7 photos online. We asked did you know that you can have 30 photos on line? They were shocked! They had hired a family member who was new to the business. We repositioned the home and provide a robust internet plan with 30 HD photos and a floor plan and sold the home in less than 30 days.

4. The Ask- We would like an email or phone introduction to friends and family in Concord who failed to sell their home in 2016 and who want results in 2017.

5. The Close- We are the Tom and Joanne Team of Sotheby’s and we are Creating Clients for Life!

I hope this article helps you to tighten up your delivery and leads you to your own personal goals.


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