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BNI 2017 Getting Back to Basics

Hello BNI Minuteman and welcome back to Tom’s Corner. The chapter met the team goal of $2,000,000 of Thank you for closed business in 2016, but did you as an individual reading this post reach your personal goal? I am going to be coming here weekly presenting simple yet proven ideas to help you make more money through your participation in BNI.

The BNI meeting starts at 7am and is called to order at 7:10am, and it is really important to be on time. I have been a member for 12 years and also have participated as a BNI director and people have asked why is it so important to be on time. What I have observed are two items. First, many people who are in the room considering referring you to their most important clients are judging you on your behavior in the meeting. If you are late to meet with your sales team, will you be late to the meeting with their most important client? The second observation is that those who are consistently late to the meeting typically are late in everything they do. Behaviors in the meeting on a week by week basis typically translate into how the professional conducts their business.

The final note is that as a chapter guideline if you come into the meeting after the 7:10am when it is your time to speak you should give a testimonial to another member. There was discussion about having people not speak for being late, but we found shy people would come late on purpose. The decision was that everyone should speak, but if you are not on time you should not have the privilege of promoting your business.

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