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BNI Bucks, Again? Talking Tier 3 Referrals

Hello BNI Minuteman members and yes we are talking about BNI bucks again. You may ask why so much effort on the bucks and truthfully it is what matters most to people at the end of the day. I have been a member of this chapter for 12 years and people have fun and make great friends, but they renew every year because they are making money. I really want to reach out to the members who have been in the chapter for four (4) years or more. It is really important that you are continually looking at your revenue stream and making sure that you are still giving credit to BNI.

The areas where established members let the chapter down the most is Tier 3 or recurring business from business owners who are former members. A Tier 3 referral is a referral from a referral. So for instance, 2 years ago a plumber in the group refers me a client to sell their home in Acton. Now it is two years later and the plumber has left the chapter and the Acton home seller calls me up to tell me that they had dinner with their old neighbor over the weekend and the neighbor is going to call to sell their home. This is a Tier 3 referral and although I can not name the plumber for the thank you bucks it is my duty as a member to put the bucks in and thank BNI or the visitor category. It is so important for the health of the chapter to track the bucks.

It is important for you the business owner to track your personal business. Where are you most effective in the use of your time and money? Tracking the business is a two way street that helps you the member and supports your chapter. Magic happens in BNI chapters that have 35-50 members and the only way to attract and retain great people is through success. We all join BNI to Make More Money! The relationships are the foundation, but the bucks are in the drivers seat. It feels amazing to be part of an organization where I can say the bucks are in the drivers seat and not feel shame for saying that. So I encourage everyone in the chapter to look at your sales and be honest about the origin of the business. If BNI has contributed in one way or another then do your duty and track the bucks.

Tom Matthews

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