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BNI Minuteman Visitors Day May 24, 2017

The BNI Minuteman Chapter located at 54 Walden St in Concord is hosting a visitors day on Wednesday May 24th. We being the meeting promptly at 7am and finish at 8:30am. Our group is a financially robust group of 40 individuals who are committed in 2017 to helping each other generate $2,500,000 dollars in gross revenue. We generated $2,100,000 in 2016 so this is a goal that is attainable.

What makes a BNI group different from other networking groups is that we allow only one person per profession and that means that your competition is locked out. I have been a member of the Minuteman Chapter in Concord for 12 years and I stay because it works. Over 30% of my annual sales come from my participation in BNI.

We are not a get rich quick scheme, but if are committed to developing new relationships and understand that trust takes time then this could be the place to help grow your business.

Professionals Wanted:

Real Estate:
1. Home Inspector
2. Plumber
Health and Wellness
3. Chiropractor
4. Massage Therapist
Business Services
5. Payroll
6. Auto Services

If you have interest please contact Tom Matthews at

1-2-1’s do they matter??

We recently completed a wonderful 1-2-1 contest where members were charged with trying to meet with every other member of the chapter during a six month period. This is a real accomplishment when you think that the normal BNI member will do 1, 1-2-1 per week, and with a chapter of 40 members this isContinue Reading

How Can I Help You Grow Your Business?

This is my favorite line to use in a 1-2-1 after the initial period of chatter in the meeting.  I like to ask this question and often times people respond by saying wow what a great question! Think about how that would make you feel if the business person across from you asked “How CanContinue Reading

Importance of your 1-2-1 meetings

In BNI we require our members to do 1, 1-2-1 meeting a week, and this is the most basic tool we have to help you make more money.  I want you to think about this analogy as your think about the value of these meetings and why you will see this requirement is very easilyContinue Reading

Delivering an effective Sales Manager Moment

Most business people have heard of the phrase “elevator pitch” and the idea is that if you were in an elevator with a complete stranger and had one minute to tell them about your business what would you say?  In BNI we refer to this “elevator pitch” as your “Sales Manager Moment” and I wantContinue Reading

Contact BNI Concord:
Paul Indelicato    President

Meeting Location and Time:
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Trinitarian Congregational Church
54 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742

BNI Mass Corporate Office:
111 Boston Post Road, Suite 105
Sudbury, MA 01776