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Words to Eliminate from Sale Manager Moments (Commercials)

Every now and then we need a refresher on the words that belong outside the money funnel.  The money funnel is the tool we use to position ourselves to garner referrals and make more money! Recently I have been hearing members ask if other members know “Anybody” that may need their services.  We teach at the Member Success Program that words like “Anybody, Somebody, and Everybody” make members minds go blank and hurt your chances to make more money.   The number 1 best way to eliminate these words from your message is to plan ahead.  The night before think about the LCD you want to promote and then find a story of a client that supported that LCD.   We say that stories sell and facts tell!

The night before our Wednesday meeting I will think about which segement of the population I want to market to this week.  For example, today I spoke about home sellers that have been in their homes 5-7 years and want to move up.  Think about the difference between these two statements.  Hello, I am Tom Matthews a Realtor and this morning I am looking for “Anybody” you know that bought a home 5 years ago “anywhere” in the area that have talked about selling and want to buy “something”.  That is a great referral for me.  Hello, I am Tom Matthews a Realtor, and this morning I am looking for first time sellers typically 30-35 years old in Acton that purchased their starter condo 5 years ago when they were single and are now married with a small child and cat.  They have out grown the space and now want to sell the condo and purchase their forever home in Acton or Concord.  This is a great referral for me this week.   We are employing the technique of being specific to be terrific and giving ourselves the best chance possible to make more money.  I struggled in BNI for a long time because I wanted to cast the widest net possible.  I did not want to leave out people each and every week and for about 4 years in BNI I made pennies.  I finally bought in to what I was teaching and telling others and that is when the magic happened.  When I got focused and specific the referrals started to come.  I am listing 4 homes in the next 30 days and all of them are a result of BNI!  It works and my goal is to share and help others make more money in BNI!

Tom Matthews

Residential Realtor

Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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