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Turning Referrals into Paychecks!

I wanted to take a moment to share a Facebook live video about how to leverage referrals given into referrals received.

BNI Concord, MA Minuteman Visitor Day May 24th, 2017

BNI Concord, MA Minuteman Visitor Day May 24th, 2017 I am thrilled to announce that we are having a visitor day on Wednesday and it is going to be an electric meeting. We meet at the Tri-Con Church at 54 Walden St in Concord Center at 7am and you will be out at 8:30am. OurContinue Reading

BNI Bucks…What to Record, When, and Where

BNI Bucks…What to Record, When, and Where! At leadership we are constantly talking about the ebbs and flows of the BNI world and one topic that needs continued efforts is the tracking of BNI bucks. So what is the story with BNI bucks and where does the credit need to be given. Any business thatContinue Reading

Getting the Most out of your BNI Membership

“Getting the Most out of your BNI Membership” this is phrase that you hear on a daily basis at BNI. What does this mean to you as a member? For me it means looking at the weekly meeting as the “Tip of the Iceberg” which means that another 90% of that berg is under theContinue Reading

Importance of Renewal Feedback Request

This is a note from the Membership committee to our members. Renewal in BNI is not automatic and it is really important for members to submit feedback once it is requested from our team. I want members to think of the Membership Committee as the Human Resources Department for our BNI chapter. Our job isContinue Reading

Turning Pink Slips into Paychecks

Before the world of online entry, BNI had referral slips and there were three copies. The white one was given to the member receiving the referral, the pink slip went in the basket, and the member giving the referral kept the yellow slip. As we enter the technological era of BNI, I want to keepContinue Reading

BNI 2017 Getting Back to Basics

Hello BNI Minuteman and welcome back to Tom’s Corner. The chapter met the team goal of $2,000,000 of Thank you for closed business in 2016, but did you as an individual reading this post reach your personal goal? I am going to be coming here weekly presenting simple yet proven ideas to help you makeContinue Reading

BNI Visitors Day Wednesday October 19th 2016

Summer is over the sun tan is starting to fad and it is time to really start focusing on business building. If you are starting a new venture or looking to increase sales then I encourage you to come to BNI Minuteman Chapter in Concord. We have been a chapter for more than 15 yearsContinue Reading

BNI Concord Visitor Day Wednesday Apr. 13, 2016

Our Chapter is hosting a visitor day on Wednesday April 13 at 7am at the Tri Con Church at 54 Walden St in Concord Center. Have you heard of BNI? It is a structured business environment that uses education and reciprocity to help each and every member reach their person level of success. I wasContinue Reading

Turning Pink Slips into Pay Checks

The title of this post can have the tendency to make people a little nervous because outside of the BNI world Pink Slips have a negative connotation. However, in our world, we know that Pink Slips mean that a referral has been generated and passed to a member in our chapter. This title was fromContinue Reading

Contact BNI Concord:
Jackie Ross   President

Meeting Location and Time:
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Trinitarian Congregational Church
54 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742

BNI Mass Corporate Office:
111 Boston Post Road, Suite 105
Sudbury, MA 01776