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Category Archives: Sales Manager Moment

Importance of Renewal Feedback Request

This is a note from the Membership committee to our members. Renewal in BNI is not automatic and it is really important for members to submit feedback once it is requested from our team. I want members to think of the Membership Committee as the Human Resources Department for our BNI chapter. Our job is to protect a future member from having a bad experience with a current member. There are two issues that come up in the work world. One is that there is a personality conflict and the other is a performance issue.

We need to be adults and really focus on performance issues as that is what is necessary to protect future members. As a membership committee when we are doing a renewal we are looking at Chapter Traffic Lights, we look at the PALMS report, and we review feedback.

Please keep this in mind and speak up if you have issues with members.


Tom Matthews

Anatomy of the Sales Manager Moment

Last week I covered the purpose of the sales manager moment and as a recap that purpose is to educate your sales team on what you do. We are not here to spend 45-60 seconds selling every week. If people know you, like you, and trust you they will do business with you and referContinue Reading

Sales Manager Moment, Tools for Success

One of the most important parts of a BNI meeting is the Sales manager moment and I am going to do a two part blog on this topic. The first segment is the purpose of this moment and the second segment will be the how. The fundamental idea behind BNI is that you Give toContinue Reading

BNI Visitors Day Wednesday October 19th 2016

Summer is over the sun tan is starting to fad and it is time to really start focusing on business building. If you are starting a new venture or looking to increase sales then I encourage you to come to BNI Minuteman Chapter in Concord. We have been a chapter for more than 15 yearsContinue Reading

How to effectively sell yourself, your company , your product without being a “salesmen?”

This is a great question that was presented to me recently and is the topic for this week’s post. We recently watched a TED-Talk at our BNI meeting and it was about “Why” you are in business and not “What” you do for business. Too often people spend time telling others what they do forContinue Reading

The Missing Link in Business to Business Ask

Our chapter does an amazing job with the sales manager moment and this is especially true of our Business to Business professionals.  However, week in and week out, I listen to the asks and they are constantly missing a key component and that is a specific person.  People will ask for the CEO of anContinue Reading

Words to Eliminate from Sale Manager Moments (Commercials)

Every now and then we need a refresher on the words that belong outside the money funnel.  The money funnel is the tool we use to position ourselves to garner referrals and make more money! Recently I have been hearing members ask if other members know “Anybody” that may need their services.  We teach atContinue Reading

Delivering an effective Sales Manager Moment

Most business people have heard of the phrase “elevator pitch” and the idea is that if you were in an elevator with a complete stranger and had one minute to tell them about your business what would you say?  In BNI we refer to this “elevator pitch” as your “Sales Manager Moment” and I wantContinue Reading

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