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BNI Concord, MA Minuteman Visitor Day May 24th, 2017

BNI Concord, MA Minuteman Visitor Day May 24th, 2017

I am thrilled to announce that we are having a visitor day on Wednesday and it is going to be an electric meeting. We meet at the Tri-Con Church at 54 Walden St in Concord Center at 7am and you will be out at 8:30am. Our chapter has 40 members and we are inducting 2 new members on Wednesday to bring our membership total to 42. In 2016 our chapter generated over $2,000,000 dollars for our members.

If you are a business owners looking for the following items then you must come on Wednesday:

1. A 41 person sales force who thrives on supporting each and every member of the chapter.
2. Education on how to be a better networker. How to give and get more referrals.
3. Looking to engage with peers who are business owners, who although have a different product or service, can share advice on managing the cycles of business.
4. A structured environment for growth and development.

Attendees will be given 45 seconds to share who they are and what a great referral will be this week.

Our guest 10 minute speakers will be:

1. Katharine Mast of Mast and Falls Interior Design. I have had the pleasure of being in BNI with Katharine for 6 years and she is going to share her personal development in BNI and her business success. She really wants to showcase how members support each other.

2. I, Tom Matthews, will also be speaking. I have he pleasure to share with visitors how they can join our chapter and lock out their competition. I have been a member of this chapter for 12 years and received and closed 16 of 53 deals in 2016 from BNI.

Come Wednesday and begin the next chapter of your Business Career.

Tom Matthews
cell: 617-893-8952

BNI Minuteman Visitors Day May 24, 2017

The BNI Minuteman Chapter located at 54 Walden St in Concord is hosting a visitors day on Wednesday May 24th. We being the meeting promptly at 7am and finish at 8:30am. Our group is a financially robust group of 40 individuals who are committed in 2017 to helping each other generate $2,500,000 dollars in grossContinue Reading

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Turning Pink Slips into Paychecks

Before the world of online entry, BNI had referral slips and there were three copies. The white one was given to the member receiving the referral, the pink slip went in the basket, and the member giving the referral kept the yellow slip. As we enter the technological era of BNI, I want to keepContinue Reading

Anatomy of the Sales Manager Moment

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Hello BNI Minuteman and welcome back to Tom’s Corner. The chapter met the team goal of $2,000,000 of Thank you for closed business in 2016, but did you as an individual reading this post reach your personal goal? I am going to be coming here weekly presenting simple yet proven ideas to help you makeContinue Reading

Contact BNI Concord:
Paul Indelicato    President

Meeting Location and Time:
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Trinitarian Congregational Church
54 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742

BNI Mass Corporate Office:
111 Boston Post Road, Suite 105
Sudbury, MA 01776