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BNI Visitors Day Wednesday October 19th 2016

Summer is over the sun tan is starting to fad and it is time to really start focusing on business building. If you are starting a new venture or looking to increase sales then I encourage you to come to BNI Minuteman Chapter in Concord. We have been a chapter for more than 15 yearsContinue Reading

Ebbs and Flow of Life and BNI

I am back to writing and excited to be bringing new content to the BNI community. My wife and I had a baby last year and my business was relocated so with many changes my life and BNI was throw upside down! However, if you can stay cool and recognize that everything you due willContinue Reading

Turning Pink Slips into Pay Checks

The title of this post can have the tendency to make people a little nervous because outside of the BNI world Pink Slips have a negative connotation. However, in our world, we know that Pink Slips mean that a referral has been generated and passed to a member in our chapter. This title was fromContinue Reading

1-2-1’s do they matter??

We recently completed a wonderful 1-2-1 contest where members were charged with trying to meet with every other member of the chapter during a six month period. This is a real accomplishment when you think that the normal BNI member will do 1, 1-2-1 per week, and with a chapter of 40 members this isContinue Reading

How to effectively sell yourself, your company , your product without being a “salesmen?”

This is a great question that was presented to me recently and is the topic for this week’s post. We recently watched a TED-Talk at our BNI meeting and it was about “Why” you are in business and not “What” you do for business. Too often people spend time telling others what they do forContinue Reading

How to create Work/ Family Balance

I recently asked my team what business topics they wanted to learn about and the work/family balance came up. The question was how to create a successful business and have a great home life too. I am not proclaiming to have all the answers, but will be happy to share what has worked for me.Continue Reading

Tracking your business from Goals Setting

Ok, so you have your goals written for 2014, so now what do you do? This is a simple, but not easy answer. The key to successful goal setting is to track your progress. Below is a sample excel or google doc work sheet. You want to track where your business is coming from soContinue Reading

Words to Live By

I was asked by our President to give the closing quote this month and wanted to share one of my favorites here on this site.  When I was fourteen my father had me memorize these words by Calvin Coolidge and told me if I lived my life in this manner that there was nothing IContinue Reading

Write Down your Goals and See the Results Come Alive

I have always yearned to reach success personally and professionally, but did not know how to get there.  I thought that perhaps getting a MBA was the answer to my professional success, but had a void to fill personally.  Alas getting a MBA was not in the cards so I had to resort to oldContinue Reading

More People Fear Public Speaking than Death!

This is a known fact that many people fear public speaking to the point that they avoid all activities that involve speaking in front of people. I am no stranger to this feeling as I was so nervous the first time I went to BNI that I was sweating like crazy, and when my firstContinue Reading

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