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Ebbs and Flow of Life and BNI

I am back to writing and excited to be bringing new content to the BNI community. My wife and I had a baby last year and my business was relocated so with many changes my life and BNI was throw upside down! However, if you can stay cool and recognize that everything you due will ebb and flow you can then return to your activities when the time is right.

I hope to be bringing weekly content back to help our members be successful with their personal and professional goals.

I have a new business coach and the one thing I want to leave you with this week is to make an effort to touch your BNI members more often. My coach has recommended that you break the chapter into quarters and call each quarter per week so that you touch the entire chapter every month with a phone call. We meet once per week and have 1 1-2-1 so you don’t have enough time to meet each member and if you want to generate business you need to be talking to each other.

The first thing that people say to me is what do I say on my calls. You have two options:
Follow the FORD – Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams model. I personally like to demonstrate my attitude of Givers Gain and tell people that I am actively working on referrals and want to make sure I am up to date on what their needs are currently. Try this and leave comments about your success.

My BNI juice is Flowing again!

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