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Follow up!

What a simple phrase, Follow up! In a previous post I wrote about turning pink slips into paychecks and I want to cover an important step in the process. It is really important that you treat the referrals received in BNI with tender loving care. This organization is built on members referring each other and if there is one thing that I have seen that has knocked people of the referral confidence curve it is a lack of follow up. It is expected that as soon as you get that referral you are going to make contact or in the case where your card is given out when that person contacts you; you take a moment to follow up with the member that refers the matter.

I know that we have health professionals and lawyers in the room and confidentiality is critical, but there is no conflict to simply let another member know that contact has been made. If your industry allows then I would take it on step further and let the referring member know if you secure the business. I personally like to write a hand written note to thank the person that gave me the business and the one that I am trying to earn the business from.

Further, it is my personal preference to keep the person that referred me the business in the loop so that they know how things are going. That person can be a great resource if things go sideways or when things are great to continue to be a cheerleader for you.

So the words of the week are Follow up! Take a moment to rate yourself on Follow up and depending on where you fall this could be an area to work on to increase your referrals.

Tom Matthews

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