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Getting the Most out of your BNI Membership

“Getting the Most out of your BNI Membership” this is phrase that you hear on a daily basis at BNI. What does this mean to you as a member? For me it means looking at the weekly meeting as the “Tip of the Iceberg” which means that another 90% of that berg is under the water. You never see it, but it makes up the majority of that land mass. Well BNI is the same way and if you are going to the meeting, but not doing anything outside the meeting you are leaving opportunities on the table.

It is really important that you are doing at least one thoughtful and engaging 1-2-1 per week. That means that you are sitting down prepared with a Gains profile or at least with intent in mind to help the other person. I was recently reading a book and the suggestion was made to bring a notebook on every appointment and this is something that I have taken to heart.

I am always looking for ways to elevate my ability to refer as I want to get the most out of my BNI membership.

Some activities to think about and rate your personal performance outside of the meeting:

1. Member Success Training- Recommended to go annually when was the last time you went?

2. Advanced MSP Training- Have you attended

3. Weekly CEU Podcast and reading-

4. Weekly 1-2-1 meeting

5. Sphere meetings with your contact sphere members

6. Monthly BNI Social

7. Writing your Sales manager moment out

If you want to elevate your personal position then look at this list rate yourself and improve.

Tom Matthews

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