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How is Business?

This is a question that we all here everyday and I wanted to share some thoughts with some of our chapter members.  In my opinion, this question if not answered properly, can be one of the most toxic phrases for your business.  People really pay attention to how you answer “How is Business?” and your response is critical.   My good friend and business mentor gave me the best resposnse for this question: “Business is steady, but I am always available to meet with new prospects”.   You do not want to say that you are “slammed, super busy, straight out…etc.” or any other phrase that would make a pontential referrer feel that you are not in a position to handle or service a referral from them.  You have to be acutely aware that when we make referrals there are two reputations on the line; the person making the referral and the person receiving the referral.

The other thing that you do not want to do is tell your sales team about low periods or stretches of difficulty.  We are all hit with curve balls in life, and the ones that are successful are the ones that can show a confident face in times of extreme difficulty.  As you are working your way up the referral confidence curve you may be in a position where people have not tried your services and they are making their decisions to refer based on your words and actions.  I feel that disclosing too much information and not answering this question properly can knock you off the curve and make it so you do not get business.  So really give some thought to this question the next time it is asked and stay tuned to more thoughts from Tom’s Corner.

Tom Matthews

Residential Realtor

Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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  1. good motivational material the night before a meeting

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