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Importance of your 1-2-1 meetings

In BNI we require our members to do 1, 1-2-1 meeting a week, and this is the most basic tool we have to help you make more money.  I want you to think about this analogy as your think about the value of these meetings and why you will see this requirement is very easily attainable and in reality you will most likely end up doing 2-3 per week.  When you look at an iceberg floating in the water the scientist will tell you the 10% of the iceberg is seen above water, but 90% of it is under the ocean and can not be seen.  Well your BNI experience is like this iceberg and the 90 minute meeting is the tip of the iceberg seen above water, and the 1-2-1’s represent a majority of the 90% under the water.  The other activities that are part of the under water are advanced trainings like MSP 1 and 2, Leadership training, and other networking events.  But today we are focusing importance of your 1-2-1’s and future blogs will be maximizing your 1-2-1’s.

BNI works because people want to work with professionals that were referred to them by a person that they know, like, and trust.  You can not establish this level of relationship during a 90 minute meeting once a week.  I have been a member of the Concord Chapter for 8 years and there are members that I have done 50, 1-2-1’s, with and we have a tremendous bond.  This bond is critical when something goes awry which in business is almost daily.  You must remember that if a business transaction was without flaw there would be no need for an organization like BNI.  If the consumer had not fear of loss they would not need to require the level of trust that is associated with a referral from a person that you know, like, and trust, but the reality of the world we live in is that things go wrong daily and people want the comfort that those issues will be addressed.

Ruminate on these words so that you will have a true understanding of why we at BNI feel these meetings are so important.  Stay tuned for the next blog.

Tom Matthews

Residential Realtor

Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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