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Sales Manager Moment, Tools for Success

One of the most important parts of a BNI meeting is the Sales manager moment and I am going to do a two part blog on this topic. The first segment is the purpose of this moment and the second segment will be the how. The fundamental idea behind BNI is that you Give to Gain and have a sales team that is out looking to find you business and you do the same for them.

In my opinion, you should be using the sales manager moment to educate your sales team, and to position you in their mind so that when a need arises they think of you. I do not believe that you should be selling to your sales team and looking for tier 1 referrals. Tier 1 referrals will come if you do a good job.

In my mind you need to take yourself back to the Member success program and look at the money funnel. How do you create the messaging that conveys your bread & butter, cream, and dream referral. How do you describe the target audience for your services so that your team can uncover these people in their travels.

1. You start by being focused and understanding what you want to gain out of BNI. The organization is not intended to replace your current efforts, but rather to compliment. It is designed to allow you to create an outlet.

2. You then use the five part structure that is taught at MSP and deliver a consistent and well prepared moment every week.

3. Finally, and this is really important you need to talk about what you mention in the meeting in your 1-2-1’s and this is critical for reinforcement.

If you do this consistently for 6 months you will generate all the business you wish to generate in this organization.

Next week we will discuss the delivery of the sales manager moment.

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