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The Concord Minuteman Chapter is laying out the 2018 goals and one is to increase membership to 40-42 committed members. This is not a new idea for growth, but what is new is the initiative created by Gail Alden and supported by leadership. Gail suggested that we break the chapter in to mini teams of 4 and then to buddy up to go to outside networking events together.

As a 13 year member of the chapter and a residential Realtor I think this is a brilliant idea. If everyone in the chapter visits an outside networking event once per quarter it will provide exponential growth to the members and the chapter. Our goal is to match strong networkers with those who need support to ensure success.

I was at a networking event last night in Burlington and there were about 30 people there. It was a group of bankers, lawyers, and Realtors. I was thinking to myself that what if one of my team members was Gail Alden a land scape designer. Could her business benefit from being in room with 30 real estate people, the answer is heck yes! Also, while at these events we can discuss BNI and have an opportunity to invite visitors to our chapter.

Thinking outside the box and doing new things is what I love about networking and the minuteman chapter.

Tom Matthews

Turning Referrals into Paychecks!

I wanted to take a moment to share a Facebook live video about how to leverage referrals given into referrals received.

BNI Bucks Demystified

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BNI Concord, MA Minuteman Visitor Day May 24th, 2017

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BNI Minuteman Visitors Day May 24, 2017

The BNI Minuteman Chapter located at 54 Walden St in Concord is hosting a visitors day on Wednesday May 24th. We being the meeting promptly at 7am and finish at 8:30am. Our group is a financially robust group of 40 individuals who are committed in 2017 to helping each other generate $2,500,000 dollars in grossContinue Reading

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Getting the Most out of your BNI Membership

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Follow up!

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Importance of Renewal Feedback Request

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Contact BNI Concord:
Paul Indelicato    President

Meeting Location and Time:
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Trinitarian Congregational Church
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