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Turning Pink Slips into Paychecks

Before the world of online entry, BNI had referral slips and there were three copies. The white one was given to the member receiving the referral, the pink slip went in the basket, and the member giving the referral kept the yellow slip. As we enter the technological era of BNI, I want to keep this idea fresh in the minds of our members that you must Give to Get!

Back in my dad’s time, the pink slip had a negative connotation and it meant you were fired! Well in BNI the pink slip is what every person in that room wants to walk away with on a weekly basis. There is no greater excitement then to arrive at your meeting and to have a fellow member hand you a pink slip and say I have a hot referral for you.

On the slip you have the referral name, telephone, email, and physical address. You are told that the people have been told about you, they have the need and money, and they are awaiting contact from you. It feels amazing when you make that phone call and the person on the other side says that they have been expecting your phone call and when can we set a time to meet. You are not spending all that energy defending yourself as a person they can trust because you were referred by a person they Know, Like, and Trust. You secure the business and deliver.

Now, back to the member that handed you that pink slip. As amazing as it is to get that pink slip, it is also a great feeling to be the member handing those slips out. I know from my experience that when I get the referral there are two thoughts running through my mind. The first is that I want to deliver and make my member look great, and the second is that I want to seek out a referral for the member that is supporting my business. I have had 1,000 of 1-2-1’s and members have told me personally that they want to find business for me because of the referrals that I have given to them.

If you are looking this week to gain more out of your BNI membership than please consider giving more referrals and seeing the magic of Givers Gain!

Tom Matthews

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